August 2, 2017


...let's just skip right on over to Fall!  That's exactly what Vogue Patterns did.  I have been in great anticipation of Vogue's Early Fall pattern release.  I kept thinking, "what's taking them so long with their early Fall renderings"?.  Well I just noticed that they are up... and can I say... I think I'm in trouble!  25 patterns and at first glance I think I can say that there are only 3 that I don't want.  Even if purchased at a $4.99 pattern sale, they would still equal a "SMALL FORTUNE".  Hopefully, by the time I look at them again I will have developed a strong dislike for at least 10 of them.  Why oh why do I love Vogue Patterns so much???

Being the avid coat pattern collector that I am, this Lialia by Julia Alarcon is one of the ones that is high up on my list.  Vogue 1562; sleek, classic and double breasted.  What more could I ask for?

Have you seen the new Fall offerings from Vogue Patterns yet?  Which ones are to your liking???

July 29, 2017


... oooo it's been a little while since my last post I know.  My alternate Summer work schedule and life changes forced me to put my little blog on the back burner.  My past work week involved back to regular school  pre-planning -  STUDENTS RETURN ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2ND ya'll!

The first 10 days of back to school is sooooo very hectic!  You'd think I'd be use to it by now, but it still makes me a wee bit nervous.

So as you've probably guessed not much new garment sewing going on here at all.  However, I have been doing some existing wardrobe alterations, repairs and in general sprucing up.  I hope to be back to "my slow sewing self" in just a little bit though. But in the meantime these interesting tidbits caught my eye...

Pattern Match Plaids and Stripes LIKE A BOSS!, from The Village Haberdashery 

5 Essential Serger Tips for a Healthy Happy Machine from Grainline Studio

I'm starting to really look forward to Sheryll's monthly sewing tips.  Her tips are always so useful! use.

and lastly, in case you didn't know

July 9, 2017


it's hard to believe that it's been over ten years (February 2007) since I started this blog.  I remember when I first discovered this sewing blog world that inspired me to become a sewing blogger too.  It's been an amazing time for me! I've meet so many people virtually who have contributed to my learning experience, they you have really turned my world completely upside down (in a very good way)!
Who would have ever thought I'd keep it up this long?  It has been so much fun sharing with you,  bringing you "my type of content", reading your comments, and learning from and with you all the way. 
Blogging for me is a pleasure more than it is a chore.  I do plan to keep this up; and do so hope that you will continue to read and comment here. 

Please leave a comment on this post whether or not you've ever commented here before to celebrate this milestone with me!!!

July 7, 2017


I'm so used to videos that Podcasts are a bit hard for me to take. I'm such a visual person; however, I couldn't resist listening in on this Podcast found at Frivolous at Last because it featured Michelle Morris of "That Black Chic".  (I call Michelle "The Whole 64 Color Box" and if you read her blog - you know why.
I found this valuable information on what to look for when choosing a sewing machine by Peggy Sagers called Sewing Machine 101.

How to install an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot - I've always wonder how to go about doing this.

Who doesn't love an iconic haute couture Chanel Jacket?
P.S.  My new pants are coming along just fine.  I might be able to post them tomorrow...

July 2, 2017


...Houston, we have lift off!  I finally have a descent pants block/sloper!  I had the most wonderful tweedy light weight linen in my stash from last year's Hancock going out of business sale.  I couldn't get around to using it last summer so I decided to use it now for my next pair of pants.  I am happy to report that I had to do VERY LITTLE TWEAKING.
I have no front diagonal wrinkles and the back fits to my liking.  I did have to take up a small wedge at center back to eliminate gapping, and take in the side seam hip curve area which is not out of the norm for me.
These are only minor adjustments that I will work out on my sloper before I make more pants, but it reminds me of a scene from my younger years... 

I can remember my Mother helping me dress when I was just a tween.  She'd say, "it's so hard for you to wear skirts, you have NO HIPS and there is nothing for them to sit up on; and  your butt is so high it makes the skirt hike up in the back".  Can I tell you that this made me feel likes a freak of nature!  I developed a complex about something that I didn't understand, nor could do anything about - until I started studying FIT.  I've learned that my Mother was absolutely correct - "Baby's got BACK - but no HIPS!  BUT, there are adjustments that can be made to compensate for that!
Love, love, love my new labels
I've got a nice fitting pair of linen pants now, but during construction there was one little problem.  Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you
Yes, I serged the back leg of my new pants!  My eyes immediately teared up, but I quickly shook it off, because "THERE'S NO CRYING IN THE SEWING ROOM!"  My friend SheilaCTK sent me a quick answer to the problem "TIM GUNN IT"!  We all know that means "MAKE IT WORK" - and so I did.

I'll close with this cute little sewing cartoon I saw recently that made me laugh...

June 18, 2017


...Sewing information and tutorials that recently caught my eye:

  • In addition, if you are ever looking for Size and Ease Chart for all McCall's Pattern Company products (McCall's, Butterick and Vogue) it's located on the Butterick Pattern website
  • I've been planning on pad my dressform to make it more like me and pinnable for a very long time now.  I've seen lots of pictorials and watched oodles of videos that show multiple methods of padding.  This video by Nick Verreos is by far the easiest of all the ones I've seen thus far.  All that is needed is shoulder pads, pins and a tape measure.  This method is easy peazy and I think it would work quite nicely with a one piece cover added afterwards

  •  While looking around the net I happened upon this Serger Stitch Cheat Sheet that is very helpful to me so I thought some of you might be interested too

And lastly, I was able to finish my last challenge project this weekend.

McCall's 7603 pleated back and button front

An easy breezy summer top made in cotton lawn.  I choose view C and did have to blend two sizes, but other than that this pattern is straight forward and presented no challenges.  I might make it again, next time maybe in a challis.

In the meantime I need to find a really easy online photo editor (preferably free).  What photo editors do you use???

June 11, 2017


... most of the time it seems I bounce around from project to project without concrete plan.  I could lament about that, but truth be told as long as there's some sort of stitching going on, planned or not, I'm a pretty happy camper.

You might remember me mentioning the Pin It Sew It Event that I joined  sponsored by the ladies at That Sewing Blab.  Well guess what, I was one of the two winners of a $25.00 gift certificate to Indie Sews - how good does it get!  Now I just need to narrow down my selections and make my purchase.  Remember - I love Indie Patterns!

This weekend another blogger (can't remember who she was) make a navy eyelet top from McCall's 6558.  I thought I'd seen some navy eyelet floating around in my stash so of course greedy me wanted one too.  I redrafted the pattern (or should I use the word hacked) so the base bodice would be one piece rather than two, and eliminated the waist elastic all together.  Turns out my eyelet was more royal than navy, but still cute nonetheless.

Secondly, the SewMuchTalentgr Facebook group has a challenge going on every month.  Since I am a member and one of the moderators of the group, I try to support it as much as I can.  June is Pattern Hack Month with McCall's 6886 being the pattern of choice.  I really didn't need another one of these dresses and had sort of silently opted out the challenge.  However, my Mother called to see what I was dreaming up for the challenge, we decided that the dress would be for her rather than for me.

I decided to do the simple "HACK"  that involved redesigning the standard sleeve of this dress into a flutter style that worked out quite nicely. The challenge ends on June 30th so I can check this one off my list.

There is just one more challenge for this month that I've joined that I now need to work on,
I have until the end of the month to try to get this one done but afterwards it's back to my "I Want It All" pants fitting job...

June 4, 2017


...I find all kinds of interesting and useful sewing related information when cruising the web.  It's hard to keep track of it all, so I decided to start adding it to my blog for easy to find reference.  I hope you find some it useful as well.

Sheryll of Patterns.Scissors.Cloth gives us 5 WONDERFUL sewing tips every month
5 Sewing Tips for May even though it's now June

Andrea of Sew To Fit's You Tube video gives a full demonstration on Raising the V-Neckline of the New Vogue pattern 9293

Itch to Stitch, shares a great tutorial that will help us with our summer thin strip shoulder design tops and dress How to make a bra strap holder.

I also happened upon a video on Rotating Bodice Darts from Melly Sews using miniature pattern blocks.

AND, as if I didn't already have enough on my mental "Sewing List for Summer", I've joined not one but two more challenges.

What's on your sewing plate for this week....

May 31, 2017


...pants fitting - yes I'm still at it.  I decided I needed to make a second muslin.  Yes it was  a real time consuming Memorial Day task

Christmas of 2015 one of my customers gave me a big old Joann's gift certificate and this is part of what I used it for (and patterns of course).  I usually use old white sheets for muslins, but my sheet stash is getting a little low.  This muslin is 90" wide.

I transferred changes from the first muslin to the second muslin.  After making so many changes things started to get a little confusing, so I've started writing all my changes down in a journal.  Should have started doing this long ago.
Muslin #2

I have just a little bit of wrinkling in the front (mmmmm), but I do have an attractive and comfortable fit.
Earlier this month I had joined up with the Pin It Sew It Event sponsored by the hosts of "That Sewing Blab"  a weekly internet talk show (I hope you consider watching this show if you haven't done so already).  For this event participants select a Pinterest garment to make.

Since I'm working on pants I chose this wide flare legged pair as the inspiration for my entry.
I'll still be concentrating on pants fitting for a while, because remember, I WANT IT ALL...

May 27, 2017


...hang in here with me folks! I hope you are willing to help see me through my "I want it all" pants fitting series.  I'm being a bit greedy with this because I want to be able to have pants of all types.
I will be working with my TNT pattern that I mentioned yesterday.  But today I made a decision to work with Vogue 9032- view c the flare leg design.

I've read all of the reviews that I could find on this pattern, and what attracted me to it other than the flare leg, were the slant pockets and the princess seamed back.   I've never worked with a two piece back pants pattern before but thought it would give me more options to tailor my fit.
Well, here's the first muslin for Vogue 9032. (Remember I said I am willing to make as many muslins as necessary in this pants fitting session).  Seriously, I am pretty happy with muslin #1, it's a real rough draft of a muslin.  This muslin was made over a week ago and I've lost count of the number of times I've tried it on thus far.

My critique: I need to make an adjustment in the slant pocket area that I don't think will be too hard to manage.   I'm not sure if I should try to address the bit of bagginess in the knee area, of if this would work it's self out when made in real fabric; I'll have to think about that a little more. I increased the center back rise one full inch which feels quite comfortable now.

I've included this video from one of Andrea Davis' Fit Friday classes to my pant's fitting resources. She gives regular pattern fitting classes via YouTube and other internet platforms.  I attended this class and thought it would be interesting and helpful to my readers as well.... 

May 25, 2017


...It's all fun and games until - you get involved with pants fitting.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you already know that at least once a year I jump back in the pants fitting saddle again.  Yes, I have made pants in the past that I think fit me pretty darned good.  Having said that, you may ask "what's the problem then?).  My answer: I think I still have to do absolutely too much tweaking to get a good fit!

I do not want to make more than one muslin for a pants project; and I don't want to have to try the pants on 10 or 12 times during construction to tweak fit.  Am I asking for too much???

So I'm back in the pants fitting saddle again.  I've decided to dedicate some concentrated time to this pants fitting venture.  And I've also decided that I want to use numerous patterns for pants (wide leg, tapered, boot cut, trousers, flares and cigarette pants, not just one TNT pattern.  I want it all!
Here's an oxymoron for you though, I will still work on refining my old TNT pattern. For starters, I've deconstructed an older pair of self made pants (just was not crazy about the color) to use as my block/sloper.  I will report on my progress along the way...

May 13, 2017

I'M AN INDIE PATTERN LOVER TOO......, love, love the Big 4 patterns, almost all of them as a matter of fact.  But I also LOVE a whole lot of Indie patterns.  Sadly, just like with the Big 4 patterns, I just can't afford to buy them all. But they are ALWAYS popping up - in my email, on blogs I follows, and on my Rss Feed.  There is always a NEW INDE RELEASE!

Sometimes I'll place them in the cart and then later go back and take them out (the same as I do fabric), I have to exercise some degree of temperance.  Then there are times that I just swoon over them for more than a year telling myself that I just do not need them, only to treat myself later with the purchase.  I must say that I have had quite a bit of sizing and fit success with Indie Patterns I have sewn!  So that is a real plus!

I found out today that the Itch to Stitch Indie Pattern Company is giving away it's new Largo Tank pdf as a Mother's Day Gift.
It's a classic knit tank pattern offered in sizes 00 to 20.  I love knits and I love tanks, so I think I'll be taping this one up real soon...

May 11, 2017


... you know that you really like a pattern when you can remember the number at the drop of a hat.  Take Vogue 8815 for instance; I made that peplum so many times that I think I actually killed it!  I don't think I'll ever forget that pattern number.  Well, it's a similar situation with McCall's 6886, although I think I'll give it a rest - UNLESS I find I need a great fitting, easy knit dress for some future event.

I think McCall's 6886 has already been hacked every which way but loose all across the internet.  However, I haven't seen the dress given the cold shoulder treatment yet.  It's probably been done already and I just missed it.  But for now I'll just pretend that I'm the first to do it (LOL).

It all started with:
. being gifted this nice scuba knit yardage (from Diane of Remembering Oz) nothing like fabric from Texas,

. and, the fact that I needed a dress.

I'd never sewn scuba before and was a little bit intimidated by the slight spongy feel of the fabric.  So I put out a quick message to Sheilaz_CTK (who I know has worked with it quite a bit), and after she answered my questions I couldn't wait to sink my sewing machine needle into this fabric. I just added a shortened cold shoulder sleeve from Butterick 6425.  Such a simple hack, but I do love the results!

This time I made the deeper scoop necked version
Butterick 6425 modified cold shoulder sleeve
It's always so nice when a plan turns out just as you visualized...

May 8, 2017


...last night while sitting under the hair dryer conditioning my hair (I would have much rather been sewing ya'll) I entertained myself by leisurely scrolling through Instagram.  I scrolled right past one post, but had to back up to take another look because I thought I saw someone I knew...

It was me!  My Friend Brenda (@ms._bstyle on Instagram) had posted this picture earlier in the evening.  What a totally awesome surprise!  I read Vogue Pattern Magazine all the time; as a matter of fact, I just recently renewed my subscription.  I love reading all the articles about what others are sewing and their skilled and innovative uses of patterns. I count this a great big honor, because though I've read about countless others, I never dreamed that I'd be standing in their magazine.

My new issue hasn't arrived yet sad to say, but I can't wait to see it in real life!  From what I can manage to read of the feature, they used the exact wordage from my blog (hope I didn't have too many typos).  I made this dress late last October from a gifted fabric that was a little bit out of my character (the skulls and all). You can read the blog post about the dress here.

Every now and then something happens that totally amazes me!  It's a great shout out from the McCall's Pattern Company - hope you enjoy the article...

May 6, 2017


......although the Tops That Pop Sew-a-long ended on April 30th and was extended to May 3rd, I promised to post submissions until Saturday evening in an effort not to leave anyone out that wanted to participate.

104 Tops To Date
Constance Lynn - SewingCurves (Instagram) - Butterick 6457 Cold Shoulder Top
 104 Tops:  an amazing accomplishment by such a supportive group of sewists!  Please don't forget to pop in to take a look at FAYE'S 2017 TOPS THAT POP SEW-A-LONG Pinterest Board 
that now has 496 Followers! That means that a whole lot of people are being inspired by YOUR TOPS!  If you have a top that has not been submitted at this point please feel free to go ahead and email it to me.  Any subsequent top submissions will be posted directly on this Pinterest Board.

Be on the lookout for the 2018 Tops That Pop Sew-Along next April.  Thank you all for your participation...

May 4, 2017


...although the Tops That Pop Sew-a-long ended on April 30th and was extended to May 3rd, I will post submissions intermittently until Saturday evening in an effort not to leave any out that wanted to participate.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO EMAIL All finished top photos to as an ATTACHMENT to me at:  fayedoll(at)cox(dot)net
Email Subject Line:  TOPS THAT POP
103 Tops To Date 

Louella Blomqvist - Facebook - NewLook 6735
Sandra Cunningham - Instagram - McCall's 4779
Vanessa Thomas - SewFilled - Simplicity 8337

PLEASE CONTINUE TO EMAIL All finished top photos to as an ATTACHMENT to me at:  fayedoll(at)cox(dot)net

May 3, 2017


...yes, the 2017 Top That Pop Sew-a-long has been ONE AMAZING RIDE!!!  At the beginning I  only hoped that participation would be good. After seeing the response, participation and support it has been more than I could have ever dreamed.  My hat is off to each and ever one who made and submitted top photos; and those who wanted to participate but couldn't.  We know that circumstances sometimes keep us from doing as planned.
THIS HAS BEEN A WIN, WIN SITUATION for us all.  We can all pull out a brand new top, pair it with an existing skirt or pant and  a new outfit has been added to our collections - its magical!

I'm hoping to make this an annual event and would be happy if each and everyone would plan on joining me for the 2018 Tops That Pop Sew-a-long.  But in the meantime this years event is not quite over

PLEASE CONTINUE TO EMAIL All finished top photos to as an ATTACHMENT to me at:  fayedoll(at)cox(dot)net
Email Subject Line:  TOPS THAT POP
100 Tops To Date
Myra - 1 Simple Inspiration - Burda 6795
Myra - 1 Simple Inspiration - Burda 6795
Myra - 1 Simple Inspiration - Itch To Stitch Arsenal Top
Cennetta Burwell - The Mahogany Stylist - McCall's 7542
Tanya - Tankenbran on Instagram - Self Drafted Top
Sheila - Sheilaz_CTK - McCall's 6566
Andrea - Sew-To-Fit - Vogue 1309 by Issey Miyake

A big thank you to everyone!

PLEASE CONTINUE TO EMAIL All finished top photos to as an ATTACHMENT to me at:  fayedoll(at)cox(dot)net
Email Subject Line:  TOPS THAT POP