August 2, 2017


...let's just skip right on over to Fall!  That's exactly what Vogue Patterns did.  I have been in great anticipation of Vogue's Early Fall pattern release.  I kept thinking, "what's taking them so long with their early Fall renderings"?.  Well I just noticed that they are up... and can I say... I think I'm in trouble!  25 patterns and at first glance I think I can say that there are only 3 that I don't want.  Even if purchased at a $4.99 pattern sale, they would still equal a "SMALL FORTUNE".  Hopefully, by the time I look at them again I will have developed a strong dislike for at least 10 of them.  Why oh why do I love Vogue Patterns so much???

Being the avid coat pattern collector that I am, this Lialia by Julia Alarcon is one of the ones that is high up on my list.  Vogue 1562; sleek, classic and double breasted.  What more could I ask for?

Have you seen the new Fall offerings from Vogue Patterns yet?  Which ones are to your liking???